Have a busted mobile phone? Don't worry about throwing it away. DSD Mobile offers the most reliable mobile phone repair services in Canada. If you've got a broken iPhone, a Blackberry, Samsung, Siemens or even a Sony Ericsson mobile phone, we've got the best expertise of any mobile repair service in Canada.

So whether it's liquid damage, a software problem, a charging port issue, a broken/cracked LCD or lens or whether you just want some parts replaced; for all Blackberry phones to iPhones, our repair services have all your bases covered.

We're especially experienced with iPhone repairs. So if you need a screen replacement for your iphone, or your LCD, home and volume buttons, earpieces and speakers or even your charging ports that need a repair, our repair technicians are the best you can find in Canada who are more than able to fix your iPhone, no matter what the problem.

Furthermore, you'll find that our repairing service charges are always at the most competitive and lowest prices.

In addition to repairing iPhones and Blackberry mobile phones, we also offer repairing services for all phones from the following brands:

    • Samsung
    • Siemens
    • Sony Ericsson
    • Google Nexus
    • LG
    • All kinds of PDAs