15 Awesome Hidden iOS 11 Features You Didn’t Know Exist

Did you know there’s a lot more to iOS 11 than meets the eye? In this article, we’re going to show you some hidden iOS 11 features and we know what you’re thinking; “it’s impossible for you to show me something I haven’t seen yet”, Well, in this article, we’re about to reveal some really cool hidden features that are now a part of the Apple’s latest mobile operating system that we’re sure you haven’t discovered yet, so let’s begin!

First, let’s go into the settings application, go into the ‘About’ section, now if you tap on the ‘Model’, it actually shows you your model number, it didn’t do that in iOS 10 but it does do it for iOS 11.

hidden ios 11 features

Inside of the photos application, tap the share option

And you can make a ‘watch face’ with an image that you have in your camera roll. Not only a stock or a standard Apple ‘watch face’. Pretty smart right?

But the brand new option for the Kaleidoscope is also available with the new Apple ‘watch face’ options inside of photos.

This Hidden iOS 11 Feature in the Widgets Panel is Really Cool

If you find any URL throughout iOS 11, right here is a weather URL bar below the widget, we can tap and hold it just like that it starts floating around.

You can bring it over to Safari, create a new tab and just drop it in Safari and BOOM it takes you to the website now. Now, you can go ahead and grab any URL from anywhere and do that so pretty cool option right?

In the phone dialer now if you start dialing, the ‘delete’ button is at the bottom of the screen, not all the way at the top, I guess you’ve already discovered this hidden iOS 11 feature on your own already, but we just wanted to make sure you know this really cool change in the iOS 11.

ios 11 hidden features

Hidden iOS 11 Features

Did you know you can now set seconds here on your timers?

Not only that but when you set a timer, you get a new option to click ‘Repeat’ from right there and you can continue repeating. Now, if you want it to stop of course all you have to do is tap to ‘Stop’ button at the bottom. You do get a repeat option and now, you can go ahead and also set seconds in your timers.

Did you know that you can swipe right on a note to create a folder and lock it or delete it individually?

But did you also know that you can swipe to the left to pin that note? Yes, another cool hidden iOS 11 feature folks!

Did you know you can take more than one screenshot in the iOS 11 and edit all those screenshots together and they start piling up on the bottom left of your iPhone screen?

Once you tap in there, you can edit all the screenshot

Or get rid of all the screenshots AT ONE TAKE!

The new control center in the iOS 11 can now be used in ‘landscaping’, you can swipe side-to-side to use it!

Did you know that iOS 11 allows you to zoom in a video while it’s playing?

Did you know inside of the ‘Safari’ tab in ‘settings’, if you scroll all the way down, you have an ‘Automatically Save Offline’ mode? Now, this is anything you add to your reading list and it will save it for you to read it offline later without a network connection.

Did you know there’s a new option inside the iTunes and App Store section that says ‘Offload Unused Applications’ if you toggle that on, it’ll delete any applications that you haven’t used in a while in order to give you that space back on your device while still preserving all your data?

Once you’re ready to use the application, you download it again and you won’t lose any of your data. You will be able to use that space while you’re not using the application. So ‘offloading unused applications’, one of the very cool hidden iOS 11 features indeed!

Pretty cool hidden iOS 11 features right? Let us know if there are more hidden iOS 11 features that you discovered in the comments section below, cheers!

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