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Are you looking for missing or damaged parts for your otherwise perfect BlackBerry phone? Do you fear that you might not find genuine parts for the newest BlackBerry phones?

Fear not. If you are in Canada, DSD Mobile’s BlackBerry part replacement service is your solution. BlackBerry’s build quality cannot be denied. But even such a durable hardware can be vulnerable to falls, spills and other hardware issues.

In case you have damaged your phone and are worried about original part replacement, just bring them to DSD Mobile store in Mississauga for genuine blackberry parts replacement.

To list a few, here are some of the parts we replace:

  • LCD Replacement Screen for BlackBerry
  • Battery for BlackBerry
  • Trackball for BlackBerry
  • Keyboard for BlackBerry
  • Case / Skin for BlackBerry
  • Screen Protector for BlackBerry
  • Cradle for Blackberry
  • Car Kit & Charger for BlackBerry
  • USB Cables
  • Bluetooth Headsets
  • Micro SD Card

Be assured of the same parts and quality workmanship as those offered by original manufacturers – only at DSD Mobile repair center, you can get the parts replaced at fewer cost. When you bring them to us, you not only save costs but also time because at our store, you can have the parts replaced and the phone fixed, within minutes. We also provide parts if you live in other corners of Canada.

BlackBerry phones became popular because they represented class and originality. And with that said, there just cannot be any compromises when it comes to the quality of BlackBerry. So for genuine BlackBerry part replacements, and to use your BlackBerry optimally, please contact us on the following number.
(905) 369-0136

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