Nexus 6P Screen Replacement Guide – DSD Mobile

Nexus 6p screen replacement

First, let’s see what tools you need to perform a DIY Nexus 6P Screen Replacement. Warning: You are performing this repair at your own risk. We claim no responsibility for any damages that might occur. DIY Nexus 6P Screen Replacement – Tools you need To perform this DIY repair, you will need   Plastic triangle opening tool Nylon […]

Do-It-Yourself! Halloween-themed Phone Cases and PopSocket

Do-It-Yourself! Halloween-themed Phone Cases and PopSocket

Although today’s blog is about ‘Do-it-yourself’ Halloween Phone Cases and PopSocket, let us avail this opportunity and tell our readers a brief history of Halloween, so that the holiday becomes less of a mystery. Most of the Canadians know very little about this spooky holiday. So, maybe Halloween isn’t your thing. After all, it has […]

Smart Glasses: The Not-So-Distant Future Of Humanity!

Smart glasses, you can spot them a mile away, they look geeky, uncomfortable and distracting and having a camera stuck to your face it’s kind of creepy, isn’t it? Not anymore! The glasses now look like normal eyewear and bringing together the natural and the digital realms without making you look like a cybernetics-enhanced android […]