Here is what DSD does to respect and protect your privacy.

INFORMATION COLLECTING: Only relevant and useful information will be collected from the customer as well as from the system. No information outside the scope of repair will be accessed or collected without your consent. Only the information, to which customer shows his/her consent, is accessed and backed up. Unless stated by the customer to back up the data, any data backed up for repair purposes will be completely destroyed after the repair has been made.

INFORMATION SHARING: We respects our customers and so, do not share any information with third parties for monetary or other benefits. Unless required by law, every piece of your personal information and data remains safe with us.

PIRATED SOFTWARE: In case we find any pirated software in the system during the repair, we have the right to report it.

RIGHTFUL OWNERSHIP: DSD Mobiles will only repair the units that are owned by the customer. If we suspect or find out it’s not the property of the user, we have the right to deny the repair.

POLICY CHANGES: We reserve the right to change the policy at any time without prior notice, though we will update our policies at this page whenever they are updated. Please contact us before sending the unit.