iPhone Leather Cases & Wallets

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Buy premium leather cases in Mississauga, Ontario on DSD Mobile. Some of them come in a nice pouch. The only disadvantage of some of these leather cases is wireless charging is not possible with these cases because of the magnetic part inside of the case which stops it because you can't have metal with a magnet. On DSD Mobile, you’ll find plain as well as the perfectly embroidered iPhone leather wallet cases.

The leather case protects your phone from scratches, especially those that are available on DSD Mobile because they are made of premium leather. iPhone premium leather cases allow a firmer grip on the phone along the sides. The iPhone leather wallet case offers enough room for some credit cards and some little cash. You can close it up and make phone calls because you have your phone’s earpiece completely uncovered the way leather cases are designed and ‘cut off’. Some of the cases have some really strong magnets in the ‘cut-outs’ that allow them to be used as a ‘kickstand’ if you want to watch a movie or something.

Waterproof cases for iPhone on DSD Mobile are completely sealed and protected from water and are available at the most affordable prices. You can even go underwater and swim with your phone with these iPhone waterproof cases, available in Mississauga on both of the locations at DSD Mobile!

If you frequently go to the beach, your phone might be at risk for water damage. If fishing is your hobby, then you definitely want to protect your iPhone from a water damage that a waterproof case is designed to protect you from. The iPhone waterproof case Mississauga are tested on audio, speaker and everything else and are highly reliable and affordable.