iPhone, iPad, Android Charging & Sync Cables

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Charge/Sync Cables

Buy two-in-one charging cables for iPhone on DSD Mobile in Mississauga, Ontario. Charge/Sync Cables allow you to charge your iOS device with a lightning charger there and when you pull it off, you'll have a micro USB port to charge your Samsung/Android device etc.

It is very useful and very ideal to use with your power bank/iPhone external charger. Plug one end into your power bank and your phone battery will begin to charge. You can also sync the cables with your iTunes. Syncing on iTunes works perfectly with all the sync cables available on DSD Mobile, number 1 mobile phone solution shop in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

You can also charge your Android phones with these charger/sync cables available on DSD Mobile. You have to get the micro USB port and plug it in. The red light on the iPhone external charger will turn on which means it's charging and it will show the charging animation there that says one hour left to charge or something like that.

The speed with which these cables charge phones is almost the same as the official iPhone cables, that is one of the major signs that you're buying a high-speed charging cable that is a premium product. If you travel a lot, you can really benefit from such an iPhone charger/sync cables, only available in DSD Mobile stores in Mississauga. These cables are not too long too. They are small and goes very well with your power bank/iPhone external charger. You can charge your iPhone, iPad, any of my Samsung tablet, Android tablets, and smartphones.