Smart Glasses: The Not-So-Distant Future Of Humanity!

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Smart glasses, you can spot them a mile away, they look geeky, uncomfortable and distracting and having a camera stuck to your face it’s kind of creepy, isn’t it? Not anymore!

The glasses now look like normal eyewear and bringing together the natural and the digital realms without making you look like a cybernetics-enhanced android in the process.

So What is Smart Glasses?

The glasses are a hands-free extension of your smartphone that displays your digital life right in front of your eyes

Never miss the action with a built-in high-definition camera for capturing videos and beautiful pictures

Simple swipe and tap interactions let you control your view

Smart glasses at affordable prices

What Makes Smart Glasses So Powerful?

Powerful Cobra display engines and USB and Bluetooth audio with built-in microphones

Open platform for third-party app integration

Be connected, stay informed, and never miss a shot

Your digital life is important but you find yourself staring at your smartphone all the time


With Smart Glasses, Being Connected Can Be Much More Than That!

It’s about staying engaged in the conversation you’re having and leaving your phone in your pocket

With smart glasses, you stay connected to your digital life while staying connected to your real life

Receive all the notifications you select such as messages, breaking news, and smart home alerts while your phone stays in your pocket

A Smart Glass is instantly there to keep you informed

Smart glasses also keep you informed; answer phone calls and receive clear concise directions you set up on your phone

Stay informed about your performance with connected devices

Keep focused on the open road, backwoods trail, or city streets with turn-by-turn directions displayed in front of you

The best camera in the world is the one you have with you. Quick access to the smart glasses camera app means no more fumbling for your phone

With just a tap or a simple voice command, capture or record the most special and unexpected moments

Share your pictures in seconds or view them on your smartphone. You’re always ready to capture and share

Be connected, stay informed and never miss a shot with smart glasses

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